Travelling to Salerno

By train

Salerno train station is the main train station of the city, located in Salerno city centre. High speed trains (treni ad alta velocità, TAV), regional and urban trains stop at Salerno train station.

High speed trains (Italo, Trenitalia) connect Salerno city with many Italian cities: Napoli (0h40m), Roma (1h50m), Firenze (3h50m), Milano (5h30m), Torino (6h30m), Venezia (6h00m)

By car

Three main motorways (Autostrada) connect Salerno with motorway network: A2, A3, A30. The main routes are listed below.

  • Autostrada A3 (north) Salerno-Napoli
  • Autostrada A30 (north) Salerno + Autostrada A16 (west) Napoli
  • Autostrada A30 (north) Salerno + Autostrada A1 (north) Caserta-Roma-Firenze-Bologna-Milano
  • Autostrada A30 (north) Salerno + Autostrada A16 (east) Avellino-Benevento-Bari-Adriatic seaside
  • Autostrada A2 (south) Salerno-Reggio Calabria

Flying towards Salerno

> Naples international Airport (NAP)

Aeroporto internazione di Napoli (NAP) - Naples international Airport is located 60 km far from Salerno. It connects Napoli and Salerno with many European destinations, including important European hub airports.

Napoli International Airport (NAP) website

> Airport connections to Salerno

The airport is connected to Salerno by bus (BUONOTOURIST - EUROBOOKING or SITA: 45 minutes). See Airport website - transportation - by bus for more information.

ALIBUS shuttle (frequency 15 minutes) connects the Airport to Napoli Centrale train station (around 15 minutes). Here, regional trains (as well as high speed train) allow one to arrive to Salerno station in a 40 minutes trip.

It is possible to rent a car at the Airport.

By ferry

Salerno port is connected to few Mediterranean destinations for passengers service (Palermo, Messina, Tunis).

Last update: 14th January 2019