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In the past editions, ELECTRIMACS conferences were associated to a MATCOM special issue collecting only a selection of extended post-conference papers.

In this 2019 edition, we are glad to announce that, in addition to the traditional and well-known MATCOM special issue, Springer book(s) in the series Lecture Note in Electrical Engineering will be associated to ELECTRIMACS. Thus, conference papers selected to be published in these volumes will appear as an online available book chapter (with DOI). The books, that will also be promoted by Springer, will be sent for indexing to the major scientific databases, such as Scopus and WoS.

It follows that ALL papers presented at the conference will appear in one of the following publications described below, after a selection process made at the end of the conference.

  • A special issue of MATCOM, collecting full papers fully in the scope of the journal. Authors will be invited to submit the conference-related full paper (suitable for journal publication) after the conference. The papers will undergo a successive peer-review process.
  • Springer book(s) in the series LNEE collecting conference papers particularly focussed on electrical engineering simulation aspects and innovative applications.

Please note that the publication is either in MATCOM or in a Springer book.

MATCOM – Mathematics and Computers in Simulation is an Elsevier journal publishing the IMACS Transactions. The journal is indexed by SCOPUS and WOS. Its 2017 impact factor is 1.476 and it is a Q1 journal in applied mathematics. More information about the journal topics is available on MATCOM web page.

Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering (LNEE) is a book series which reports the latest research and developments in Electrical Engineering (ISSN: 1876-1100). More information about the book series is available on the LNEE web page.

Last update: 9th May 2019